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possible kidnapping. 15-year-old ruby cruz mendoza was last seen getting into a car with 29-year-old man last night near her home in petaluma. investigators believe she may have been in an relationship with him. and the two could be headed for mexico. happening right now in an oakland courtroom, closing arguments in the murder trial of giselle esteban the woman accused of killing nursing student michelle le last year at the hayward hospital where le worked. her body was found in pleasanton four months later. developing news involving google. trading of the company stock has been halted after its latest earnings report leaked early and stock price took a drastic plunge. a contractor released the earnings report early by mistake. it was supposed to have been released after the close of regular trading today, the
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stock fell more than $68 or 9% to $687.30 before that trading was stopped. oregon supreme court ordered release of more than 20,000 pages of confidential files kept by the boy scouts of america. the so-called perversion files identify scout leaders and volunteers banned from the group after being accused sexual or inappropriate conduct with boys from 1965 to 1985. teenager kicked out of the boy scouts for being openly gay plans to deliver a petition with 400,000 signatures to scout leaders to reinstate him. he just completed his requirements for his eagle award his mother launch add online petition. leaders of the boy could you tells say they will meet with the family. right now rescued sea lion is being returned to the wild. biologists captured it last
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week all tangled in plastic strap. they say the sea lion nick named blonde bomb doing well. it is 49er day here. the 49ers battle for the division lead tonight they host the seahawks fans are gearing up. local performers warming up along with kira klapper who joins us live from candlestick park. >> reporter: it is still early about six hours unlt there is pf excitement going on to be had on and off the field. joe sets up herv campsite as she has since 1987. >> well, i met my husnd in 1960, so that's when i became a 9ers fa husband drive two hours from merced county for this and
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turn it into a three-day vacation after sunday's crushing loss to the giants they haven't given up hope they say losing is not an option they have their long running rituals. >> we always wear our 49 shirts and put up our decorations. >> reporter: other fans will be treated to the talents of locals. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: fremont native prepares for her first time singing the national anthem. >> it feels amazing. i love sports, i love the 9ers and i love to sing so it is a great way to marry all of those interests into one. >> reporter: the 9ers noise drum and horn line warms up to get the fans fired up. something tells me that won't take much. the good ws is the fun isn't over yet. tonight e lucky abc7 news viewer will get the news that will change their life.
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katie marzullo is live at the caltrain station in san francisco with more on that huge $49,000 giveaway that will happen during our show after the game tonight. >> reporter: yes, after the game, somebody is going to hear their nam announced on abc7 news and that person is going to be $49,000 richer. it could be you. all you have to do is like us on facebook. the first commuters who arrived this morning were greeted with good news. we are giving away $49,000. >> i already did it many >> reporter: all they had to do was ask me. go to and like us. then click the win $49,000 button and fill out the entry form. only rizes of the bay area can enter which means -- only residents of the bay area can enter which means your chances are good. >> i'm going to payoff my car.
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>> reporter: very wise man. >> nothing frivolous. i'm going to keep it and save it. >> reporter: do as you please. but remember, you can't pen if you don't enter. >> i'll do it. -- i moved here two months ago. it will be my first and only station i do like. >> reporter: just a couple other things you have to be at least 18 don't you have until 7:30 and the winner will be announced live in our post-game show, after the game. katie marzullo, us that us that -- abc7 news. >> you can see the 49ers take on the seahawks right here. sports director larry biel hosts the show at 3:00, then we continue with 4:00 on abc 7. jerry rice and brent jones will join us in our studios game time 5:00 and stay tuned for special edition of after the game with larry and mike
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that's when we are going to learn who our lucky winner is of our $49,000 sweepstakes. so exciting! what is not -- coming up mike nicco's game day forecast. they made night a great playing surface the people who keep the grass looking good at the stick. the stick. possible answerís?ó???ó
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on the streets a group called safety first simulated a temblor. people talking a stunning meteor shower that lit up over the sky. you can see a couple bright flashes. many report hearing a big boom around 7:30 last one expert believes debris may have landed near martinez. astonomers say we may see more the next few nights if you caught the meteor on camera, we want to see it. e-mail to ureport. one said it might have been as big as a car. >> that's big. >> meteorologist mike nicco. clouds on the increase overnight you may want to head to higher ground after tonight. we'll talk about how much these item are going to tumble d rain in the forecast good chance next week. i'll have the forecast for the
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49ers game. what a day for football and baseball. the giants get ready to battle from behind in the
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giants' fans are looking to lincecum to even up the series tonight. the giants trail two games to one after last night's 3-1 loss. cain gave up two run homer to carpenter giants could not turn hits into runs. lincecum gets first post-season start 5:07 p.m. our time. game five tomorrow same time with zito on the mound. san francisco official in the run for the super bowl in 2016 that the 49 and mayor lee and the bid committee applied for today.
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the game will be played in the new santa clara stadium. nfl will award that game to either san francisco or miami, next may. all eyes will be on the field at candlestick tonight when the 9ers take on the seahawks. gardeners are working hard. larry biel has that story. >> reporter: on game day the field takes center stage. a lot of abuse. >> job security. >> reporter: roger has spent the last 30 years on this field he's the head groundskeeper it is his job to make sure this field is perfect. >> they break it, we fix it. >> reporter: special field takes special grass. >> it is bermuda hybrid. >> reporter: a lawn that would make anyone envious two work on the lawn all season. six jump into action before game day. the day before any game you
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will find the crew on the field painting razor sharp lines and man-sized numbers and end zones they use latex paint and a lot of it. >> probably about 40, 45 gallons. >> reporter: rain or shine grounds keepers work against the clock to get the field ready. i will will take hours to finish the hard work will only last through the next game. >> i try to make it like the game never happened, get rid of the holes, difficult vets, defect, try to -- all the paint away and start over again. >> reporter: a process that will be repeated at least 10 times a year. in between home games the grounds crew keeps the field from getting too wet or dry. regardless of how well the team does, the season always ends the same. >> at end of the season we tear it out and start over again. >> reporter: larry biel, abc7 sports. what are the temperatures
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going to be like? >> it won't be cold or windy. >> not at all comfortable in the 70s upper 70s while you are tailgating mid 70s beginning of the game mid 60s at the end will probably feel warmer with all those fans and the excitement. dress appropriately. 11:20 good morning, looking down from mount tamalpais clear sky over the bay. what we don't have with this heatwave, fire threat and we do not have a spare the air day even though it looks hazy from vollmer peak towards emeryville into san francisco. satellite and radar, it is still clear out there, even along the coast it will not look like this tomorrow, we will have clouds along the coast. that's the visible satellite, a few high clouds in the top part of your screen towards the left that's about it. total sunshine. wear sunscreen. we have 70s out there in most
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areas 80 los gatos, monterey bay frli with 80 watsonville, monterey, salinas low to mid 70s santa cruz and gilroy. this will be our last hot afternoon, last chance to get to the coast. the cooling trend hits there tomorrow and gets deeper everyday through tuesday when we have our best chance of measurable. things going to befall-like next week. today 9° warmer in napa, double digits redwood city, san jose, concord, san francisco 11 to 14° warmer. look for asterisk, mid to upper 80s los gatos possibly 90 mountain view 85 would be a record, 80 at half moon bay upper 70s most of the coast, 84 downtown san francisco with 80 in south san francisco and sausalito. mid to upper 80s north bay
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valleys santa rosa and napa's 86 possible records oakland 85, hayward 83 inland everybody is going to be around 90° in the east bay valleys that would be a record for concord and livermore's 91 would be a record. upper 80s morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. game forecast, a lot of sunshine changing to a clear star filled sky, 75 to 66° no need to worry about bundling up, no need to worry about rain. temperatures comfortable overnight, 50s. as we head overnight marine layer reestablished, sea breeze reestablishing as we head towards tomorrow's commute clouds coming into the bay and taking over there could be flight arrival delays into sfo cooler home. -- cooler tomorrow. 8 to 10° cooler tomorrow by the time we get to sunday
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we'll have lost 15 to 20°. cooler monday through wednesday with unsettled weather chance of sprinkles monday and wednesday better chance of rain tuesday. breaking news in berkeley. fire crews have pretty much knocked down two alarm fire 3000 block of deacon street at ashby. you can see a little smoke. the fire is burning next door to a con develop less sant home police -- convalescent home, police are on scene helping. what is ron: years ago i made a promise to provide the best for my family, in sickness and in health. carol and i needed help figuring out what's covered by medicare and what's not. so we turned to the same folks we've relied on for health insurance all these years.
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plus a total home dvr. and u-verse has more hd channels than cable, too. i want at&t. -me, too! -yeah! who wants to talk to a fireman? i do! okay. [ female announcer ] choose the bundle that fits your life. ♪ today at 3:00 on katie tyler perry. at 4:00, 49ers day join us for a special pregame show with
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jerry rice and brent jones followed by the game at 5. i love the noise back there. >> join us for a special edition after the game when we learn who wins our $49,000 sweepstakes. at 4:00 mike shumann gives us a game day fashion show. >> i think there was a party for the game. interesting. hula dancers sway into the bay area and disney celebration on ice. eric thomas has what's hot. ♪ ♪ ♪
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